Course 3: Global Justice

In course 4, we intend to illuminate some of the issues that prevent justice and equality globally, through highlighting the background causes that contribute to poverty and inequality.

In module 4:01 you will examine the allegation that population explosion causes excessive population growth and that this overwhelms some societies and results in fragmented and disharmonious social integration.

In module 4:02 the question to be examined is: to what extent does poverty cause a sense of social exclusion and withhold the basic necessities for a reasonable life?

Module 4:03 deals with globalisation and growing prosperity and whether prosperity favors some over others. The question here is, how will globalisation affect the future prospects of the young, particularly those living in poor and developing countries?

Module 4:04 looks at the need for global justice and examines whether a fairer system of justice would have equitable results for those existing on the margins of society.

The final consideration, in module 4:05, is the notion of Universal Human Rights, somewhat at odds with the fact that street children exist at all?