Course 6: How to plan and carry out a project related to Street Pedagogy

In this module you will learn how to plan and carry out a project related to Street Pedagogy.

In completing this project, you will draw on the knowledge you have gained in modules 2 to 4. In these modules you made visible the international and historical contexts of young people living on the street and in particular, the issues confronting young mothers and teenage prostitution.

In modules 5 and 6 you studied the contextual foundation and objectives of Street pedagogy. In particular, you studied the educational structure of the program. You will now use these skills for a project-oriented learning opportunity to explore further educational insights into a life on the road.

The focus of the project is young South American teenage mothers who eke out a living as prostitutes. Most of them have already been pregnant numerous times; have experienced frequent crises, including abortions and despite their young age, many have their own children.

In module 2, you gained some insights into the lives of some of these child mothers – they live within the Patio 13 ( project in the Columbian city of Medellin. Students enrolled in the Street Pedagogy course meet and work with street children. The enrolled students are confronted with the reality of young female lives that are defined by frequent pregnancies, hardship and uncertainty. Without approved housing, their children and babies are removed from them.